Tuesday, May 03, 2005

C. senilis frosti face.

I and my kind (Cicindela senilis frosti) live in California. I was from a small salt panne in a salt marsh in Ventura county. We have three color types here in the marsh. Some of the other C.s.frosti are greenish, some are reddish and some are greyish. I am a bit reddish in some light and greyish in others.

You can tell my species from the more common C.oregona by the hairs (setae) on my head (and not just around my eyes) and from the tiny teeth near the end of my elytra near my butt(wing covers)! There is another colony of C. s.frosti, but they are in Riverside County California. Perhaps there are more. But chances are that they aren't. We need space, and insects, and good water. Heavy animals and such kill us when we are young in our holes in the mud.

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