Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mugu Lagoon - acres gone in 2005 storm.

This is where I live. Well, I used to live. Most of my life I spent catching flies that would walk by my home in the mud. My parents died three years ago leaving me to dig a hole in the mud to hide from things that might eat me, to shade me from the sun, and to sleep until I emerged as an adult beetle. As a young beetle my wings needed stretching. I could tap them on my abdomen but flying left me upside down on the dirt.

The sun made me fast. Faster then the other insects around me. Every morning I would dig myself out of the dirt and stand in the sun. If it got too hot, I would run to the shade. I could feel the temperature rise and I would stand taller and taller away from the hot ground. If I kept my temperature up to 32 degrees C, I could out run the fastest fly, wasp, and spider. But, as night fell, I had to find a spot to hide from the night and morning birds. When I was cold, below 25 degrees C, I was food for all.

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