Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visited Russ last week... They loves my shoes.

We drove up to Davis in Russ's car. Going over the 5 Freeway in the Tahachapis Grapevine there was lots of fog.... no, water vapor coming up from the ground. The last few weeks of rain turns to mists and low clouds when the sun warms the soil. The brown hints are from the suspended dirt from the Valley below.

At Russ's apartment I met his cats. Very cute. They loved my shoes and found that my toes without socks had the same flavor. To each their own, I say.

They wanted to show how much fun it was to play in the new boxes and tubes Russ puts in the living room....
They do love Russ very much and they have such sweet temperaments. But, they do want to sleep in all of the places he wants to sit.

When I went home on the train I did some work and then fell asleep.... only to be awakened by something.... seemed like... it was someone saying how beautiful the scenery was...

After all the "oooooos" and "aahhhhhs" and the train rounded the corner... we had a wonderful view of the San Luis Obispo Men's Colony or, Federal Prison. And right next door was the sanitation treatment plant. We could view them both from above.

Don't get me wrong. The prison offers many things to help the men get back to normal after they finish their time. And, the treatment plant is very important. It was just such a contrast. However, about an hour or so before, we went past an area I did find depressing... Housing developments crushed together on plots of once fertile farmland. The homes were on sale for 150K but were first going for 350K over two years ago. There was a TargetCoscoHomeDespotChickenThing monster retail mess and parking lot about 10 miles away. No trains. No busses could be seen. Just lonesome highways connecting the islands of houses perched in an area without real services....

CSPAN.... ???? I can't believe my eyes!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow makes ALL the difference!

After the hard rain storm two week ago, I drove down to Whittier Narrows to see how things were doing at the Dam. There was water up to the Dam and much was diverted. But, as I was inspecting things, I noticed what surrounded me to the north - mountains of snow.

I love snow. However, I love it somewhere I can look at a distance and where I do not have to wear snow shoes. And I know that that snow is melting into the aquifer for me, my neighbors, and mostly the wild outdoors.

So this is what it looked like. I pieced the images together and did not try to make it look like I shot it with my grandfather's Widelux