Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Acres in Mugu lost in the storm.

Mugu had C. gabbi, C. hemorrhagica, C. hirticolis gravida, C. trifascaita sigmoidea, maybe some C. oregona (very few of them were here last year) living in the sandy beaches, the mudflats, and the drier salt pannes. C. gabbi was the most abundant especially in the mud flats. They are from San Diego south to Mexico. They are small, timid and beautiful.

This winter in 2005, the rains came and washed large areas of land away. There used to be many areas in Southern California where the tiger beetles ran, so if a terrible storm washed many of the colonies away there would be others to generate populations again. However, much of Southern California has cement and few open places where tigers can run.

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