Monday, September 19, 2011

And speaking of bees....

In May last year and this year, I had to remove the bees in my mother's house.... Two hives were over 20 years old. One was in the glass house (which my grandfather built for my grandmother to start cuttings but then decided it would be a great place for a work shop filled with slicing, cutting, drilling giant metal machines). The bees in the glass house needed to be removed first. The other huge hive was in the garage and that was the last one to be removed. Several happy beekeepers went home with bees, comb and honey. Another smaller one developed in some furniture from the main house. The man in the bee suit said that he had found a new queen and the old one had probably flown away in a swarm. He was correct. About a few months before the entire garden was filled with mad flying bees. Oh. I am so tired.

The people who removed the bees were the Backwards Beekeepers. The people who video taped, and commented behind the glass doors were new-bees (haha...) learning how to extract a hive carefully and take care of the animals. They got to take home the hive and try to keep them going. Taking home a twenty year hive is pretty unusual these days.

Then there were the bees in the furniture that were set out to clean up inside the house. The beeping you hear is the alarm system that needed fixing.

Then of course, there were the bees that lived in the garage for more then 20 years. The roof caved in afterwards. You can see the roof on other side had already discovered gravity.

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