Saturday, September 04, 2010


Or more like... oops! Rummaging through all of my mother's grandmother's and grandfather's stuff.... which means that I am looking at their great-great-great stuff. What is remarkable is that I had an opportunity to ask questions of three generations who was THAT? and why... but rarely did that conversation materialize. There are daguerreotypes of Civil War members on both sides. Or at least I am guessing.... Who were they?

THEN, I found a newspaper clipping of someone my grandmother used to talk about, Maytor McKinley. They were good friends. My grandmother made friends from on high to the little person on the corner with shards for shoes. If you left my grandmother somewhere to do something you would find her in a conversation most likely, with the least of us having a wonderful time.

Maytor H. McKinley was very rich. He owned a huge mortuary. The painting that I found that I thought was Pat Brown was McKinley. I did find Pat Brown's photos, though not of my grandfather's oil portrait of him. Sinatra supported Pat Brown and my grandfather was Sinatra's personal photographer for almost 10 years, so, of course there would be shots of Pat Brown.
Paul Conrad, 1970

But I found what was on the back of the clipping interesting, too. It is of a Conrad political cartoon of Reagan shouting with the ' hippies' "SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT DOWN!" How amazing. So the hipsters wanted the gov to shut down because of all of the corruption and Reagan wanted it shut down so that the rich could do what ever they wanted.... Isn't it amazing how two groups so different can have the same goal for different reasons? Which is more productive?

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