Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scrub jay that sings other songs...

I have several Scrub Jays visiting, begging for peanuts and planting my yard with oak acorns and bits and pieces of their peanuts. Two are very tame and let me sit by them and give them goodies like vanilla yogurt, little bits of dry cat food, meal worms and some of the spiders I catch from under rocks. When I go hunting for something under things they wait patiently for me until I find something to give them.

One of the bireds has taken to sing to me a different song (other then the 'caw'!). I have not heard of a Scrub Jay singing any other song... So, I finally brought out my small camera, small enough so I won't scare him/her. In this video, he first stands on top of my new chicken coop (you can hear them chuck-chucking). Then I talk to him and 'coo' at him to try to encourage him to do his special song. Finally, he sits next to me and sings.... what a wonder!

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