Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SO MUCH TO DO! and not enough of me...

I have finished... no I never finish a painting, but I just stop trying to add and fix... one 3'9' oil painting and have three of the same size to fill in and detail. I would also like to add one more to my San Gabriel Mountains and River Series by next week (HA!). They have a date with the City of Pasadena, Ca. One is of the mountain range (not shown), another is of the rocks that make the mountains (the finished painting), one of the vegetation and invertebrate world (partially drenched in light from the window) and one of the estuary at the end of the river (the painting in process on the left easel). The last one would be of the burned section of the upper watershed because fire is an important component in soil nutrition and California endemic plant growth.

I love painting several at a time. And, I love painting large!

The goofy collage of cut oak flooring and wires and tubes is something new I like doing - mosaics from found objects. That one is titled - "Open Space"

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