Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fire in Los Angeles County

This is very early for fire.

Sicko pyromaniacs have hit us hard early, too, this year in Hollywood.

The smoke and ash are bad for young and old lungs. Add smoke and ash to our climbing smog and ozone concentrations from increased volume of cars on the road, and we have lethal atmospheric conditions.

Plant stomas can be blocked by ash and soot, cutting off the CO2 going in and O2 going out.

Ash and soot can be in small enough particles that can go deep into human lungs. These particles, PM10 (measurement of particle size) and below, go deep into our air sacks and we cannot be expel them by coughing... which causes irritation we cannot feel... which leads to inflammation, which causes blood vessels to break adding more damage, and more inflammation.... which leads to scarring and, can ultimately cause cancer. Also, the particles can be small enough (PM 2.5 ) to pass through the lung tissue cell walls and go right into the blood stream, perhaps causing clots which can impact more lung tissue and the heart.

I don't remember the radio stations, during this time, calling for people to saty indoors....

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