Sunday, May 28, 2006


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I have been wanting to write about my thoughts and findings on the connections between the simple molecules that form when organisms die to the molecules organisms make (while alive) to attract, distract, and manipulate each other... but today is Memorial Day. And I feel the need to add my voice to the roar that is building to this farce....

Memorial Day and Bush's War

How can anyone say that in defending the WAR we are defending our troops?

Our troops are living breathing human beings.

War is an act and it is not a living breathing life.

War is an action that we choose.

War does not breath air.

War does not feel.

War does not bleed and die.

War, however, is fed and supplied and it spreads.

War does not build houses or plant crops or cure diseases.

War does not change diapers or feed the poor.

War is what is in essence what is the worst that human beings do.

War is what is draped by those who promote and propagate it in ill fitting descriptions of necessity and patriotism and for our common good.

War not only kills those who fight but those who don't.

War is what scours the earth of human beings and of other life as well.

War does not stop when it ends.

War only stops when it never begins.

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