Monday, October 03, 2005

Last day at Mugu

My friend and I went to Mugu on Friday, September 30. Beautiful day! But, it was our last day. So very sad. I suppose that the Navy is tired of biologists counting and assessing the plants and animals. Or maybe they are tired of scientists who watch the environment. Or could it be it is not the Navy who does not want us, but those who direct the Navy and other military bases which have the highest number of endangered organisms in the country. Perhaps, with what they do for a living - what they stand for, they hate the idea they must be stewards of important plants and animals.

My friend took this picture of me as I was looking at the different holes in the ground and walking with my net and camera. There were terrible fires in Chatsworth and Ventura the last few days. Ash was falling and drifting all over for many miles. Some of the solitary bees' holes had been usurped by spiders. Maybe, the bees were hiding deep into the ground while the spiders were borrowing the upper chambers because, there were little webs covering the holes festooned with ash.

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