Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mugu morning

This is my home. I lived in the upper marsh where most of the mud is covered in Salicornia sp.. There are flies, Ephidridae, to eat. Formica to eat if they don't eat the larval tigers in their burrows. And waters flow in and up from the ocean and down from the upper watershed. In the early hours of the morning, sand pipers and the sparrows come to my panne to feed. Some tigers may not have dug a deep enough hole or found a place to hide in time before they froze in place from the cold 55 degree weather.

Birds with long beaks dig deep in the mud. They come in groups. When the sun rises, they fly. In the dark of the morning, cormorants bicker with each other for a steady spot on the high tension lines near by. Who said they could perch with their short legs and webbed feet?

When the tide rises the mud gurgles and burps.

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